Wowgo just released a long overdue update to the very popular 2s. It seems that they have put this out to replace the Wowgo Knight which was released a few months ago. Since this board is so new, there isn't much information out about it but we can break down the photos available on the Wowgo website.

First looking at the deck, it seems that they have gone with a much nicer deck than what was on the Knight. It's good to see that they chose to make an upgrade here as that was the weakest part of the Knight (imo). Some people will be unhappy that it doesn't have a handle which is common for these more budget boards. Usually handles are only on stiff decks so hopefully this deck is nice and flexy! The shape looks good and it seems to have a slight concave shape which I personally am a fan of.

Next, moving on to the motors, we've still got hub motors just like the old 2s. They seem to be on a slightly better truck but still look to have very thin urethane. This is an area that I would have liked to see Wowgo upgrade as it makes a huge difference in the ride quality of the board (Meepo NLS vs V3).

The front wheels look to be the same cheap ones as the old 2s with a fresh coat of paint on them. To keep this short - they aren't great but luckily are easy to replace. We have lots of good 90mm wheel options on the market now so this is an easy upgrade if it bothers you.

Moving on to the battery, Wowgo has upgraded to a 12s2p (from a 10s2p) which is great to see. It likely won't make a huge difference but should get you a bit extra range and acceleration.

The ESC & remote have gotten a nice upgrade to the same one that the AT2 is using which I can say is fantastic! It has smart turn on so you can simply power on the remote and it will power the board as well. The remote also charges with USB-C which may be a selling point for some. It's still a Hobbywing so it's going to be very smooth with acceleration & deceleration.

Anyways, those are just my first thoughts on what little we know about this board. I think Wowgo made some really great upgrades to this board and I'm glad that it's still an affordable option. For anyone looking to get a budget board, this is probably the one!

We should have a lot more information soon and I'll leave a few links below to other reviews as they come out.

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